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Professor Nick Harris, Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon & Professor of Sports Medicine, leads all consultations, diagnosis and surgery in a private hospital setting. Diagnostics(including MRI scans), surgery and non-invasive treatments conveniently located at the Spire Hospital and the Nuffield Hospital in Leeds, Yorkshire, and The Wellington Hospital, London.

We are now able to offer face to face as well as telephone and video link consultations. We are also now starting routine as well as urgent surgery. Your enquiries are welcome.

Appointments available throughout the week.

Specialist Care and Innovative Treatments

Runner Tracey Gibson injured her ankle stepping off a pavement (Image: Spire Healthcare)

Grimsby mum hits the ground running after serious injury

Tracey Gibson's competive running career looked in doubt following a tendon injury. A Grimsby runner was left hobbling after a ...
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Lipogems Joint Preservation Clinic Opens at The Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley

Professor Ernest Schilders and Professor Nick Harris open Lipogems Clinic at The Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley. Lipogems is a unique process ...
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Sensational comeback for long distance runner after successful surgery

When Nick Little suffered a serious injury to his shinbone while competing in a race in Leeds he feared his ...
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Total ankle replacement

When conservative treatments fail Total Ankle Replacement surgery can reduce pain significantly and help you return to an active life ...
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A New Year, A New Ankle and New Lease of Life

Bradford businessman, Mick Fogarty is celebrating a fresh start tothe New Year along with a new lease of life. He says he has done moreexercise in the last few months than he has for many years, has lost20 kgs in weight, completed two rigorous boot camps in Spain andregularly walks 12.5 kilometres. Yet 18 months ago it was a very different story. His right ankle hadbecome so painful he had difficulty walking and lack of exercise led tohim piling on the pounds. The problem was severe arthritis, which affects around eight millionpeople in the UK. Mick fractured his right ankle ...
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Reaching the Summit After Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

After many years of enjoying an active lifestyle John Sanderson found himself struggling to walk due to his severely arthritic ankle. It became so bad he was forced to stop playing his beloved game of cricket. Pain literally stopped him in his tracks as his left ankle had deteriorated to the point it was causing bone to rub on bone. After undergoing a total ankle replacement at Spire Leeds Hospital, John was able to return to the cricket pitch and today he continues to enjoy the game. What’s more remarkable, the 81-year-old grandfather of four and former PE teacher has ...
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Total ankle replacement! Total success!

Before having total ankle replacement surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital, Barbara Davison could only walk a short distance with the help of a walking stick. Today, Barbara, 72, a retired farmer who lives in Barnoldswick in North Yorkshire is pain free and can comfortably walk several miles. The problem first started three years ago. Barbara woke up with a painful left ankle and a limp which never went away. What started as a niggling pain eventually became debilitating. She developed a slight deformity and wasn’t able to walk without a painfully altered gait - her foot was angled out sideways ...
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Bunion surgery – I feel that Mr Harris has ‘performed a miracle’

Julie, a medical receptionist from Alwoodley, Leeds suffered from prominent and painful bunions. To add to the misery, she also had bunionettes – a bump that develops on the outside of the foot near the base of the little toe. “It felt like I was walking on a pebble,” said Julie. Bunions can be hereditary. “Both my mum and grandma had bunions and neither of them had surgery to correct it. My grandma could barely walk and my mum could only walk wearing surgical shoes. I didn’t want to end up that way,” said Julie, 56, a former medical representative ...
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