Your enquiries are welcome. Our clinic appointments are available throughout the week including evenings and weekends. We also continue to offer telephone and video consultations.

Call us on  0113 2185942 or email

Wellington Hospital, London

The Wellington Hospital
Wellington Place

Thursday mornings

Spire Leeds Hospital

Spire Leeds Hospital
Jackson Avenue
Leeds LS8 1NT
0113 2185942 / 0113 3448131
Mon pm 1400-1900 hrs
Tues pm 1300-19:30 hrs
Wed am 8- 12 am
Thursday am 9-12 am
Thursday eve 18:30-2100 hrs
Friday 1600 -17:30 hrs
Sat am 8-10 am

Nuffield Hospital Leeds

Nuffield Leeds Hospital
Leeds LS8 1NT
0113 2185942   /   0113 3882067
Mon am 9-11am

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