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Total ankle replacement

Total ankle replacement

When conservative treatments fail Total Ankle Replacement surgery can reduce pain significantly and help you return to an active life.

We currently use the Rebalance Total Ankle Replacement. The Rebalance Total Ankle Replacement is one of the newest replacements to be launched. It was first released in May 2011 in a limited fashion. The implant has a surface coating of Bonemaster which has been very successfully used in total hip replacements. The polyethylene insert is made of ʻEʼ poly (Vit E infused polyethylene)

Severe ankle arthritis treated by a total ankle replacement

which has been shown to have 85% lower wear rates in vitro compared to existing replacements. Over 200 ankles have now been implanted. The early results are encouraging with a very low incidence of radiolucent lines and no early balloon osteolysis.