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Lipogems Joint Preservation Clinic Opens at The Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley

Lipogems Joint Preservation Clinic Opens at The Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley

Professor Ernest Schilders and Professor Nick Harris open Lipogems Clinic at The Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley.

Lipogems is a unique process allowing the injection of microfragmented adipose tissue(fat) concentrate into damaged and painful joints. Adipose tissue is known to contain properties that may aid in healing and tissue repair. Studies have shown 100-500x more reparative cells within adipose tissue(fat) than from an equivalent amount of bone marrow including adipose derived stem cells (1,2).

Lipogems has FDA clearance in North America for orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery and more than 20,000 patients have been treated so far.

The injection of microfragmented fat concentrate into damaged and painful joints has been shown in recent studies to improve pain and function, delay the progression of arthritis and increase the chances of returning to sports (3,4).

If you don’t feel ready for joint replacement surgery but have a painful hip, knee, ankle or shoulder then contact The Yorkshire Clinic for an appointment to see if you are suitable for this exciting new technique.

Professor Nick Harris – knee & ankle
Secretary: Lewis Greenwood
Phone: 01274 550874
Mobile: 07742 978762

Professor Ernest Schilders – shoulder and hip
Secretary: Joanne Wheelhouse
Phone: 01274 621600

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