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Making an Appointment

How do I contact you to make an appointment?

You can be seen by me through the NHS, or Privately, at the Spire Leeds Hospital. To see me privately you will need to contact my clinic on (+44)(0)113 2185942, or email my Private secretary at secretary@ankletofootclinic.com.

To see me through the NHS you will need to ask you GP or Orthopaedic Consultant to write to me at Leeds General Infirmary or Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds.

Please see the contact page for further information.

What if I am not insured. Can I still be seen in the Ankle to Foot Clinic?

Yes. Whether you are insured or not you can make an appointment to be seen in the clinic. The Spire Leeds Hospital will also be able to give you quotations for surgical procedures (ring 0113 2185967).

Can I see Mr Harris through the NHS?

To see me through the NHS you will need to ask you GP or Orthopaedic Consultant to write to me at Leeds General Infirmary or Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds.

Does my private medical insurance cover everything?

Mr Harris charges standard Spire rates so in the majority of cases your private medical insurance should cover everything.

How much will it cost?

Ankle and Foot Orthopaedic Surgery is available under the NHS. If you are considering private treatment and are not insured you may consult online services where you will find quotes for fixed price surgery. The leading private healthcare providers offer routes to fixed price surgery and those links can be found on their websites. The Spire Leeds Hospital will be able to give you quotations for surgical procedures on 0113 2185967 or visit Spire Healthcare Self-pay.

Who is Mr Harris?

Mr Nick Harris is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Specialising in Foot and Ankle Surgery based at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust,the Spire Leeds Hospital and the Leeds Nuffield. Mr Harris has a Special Interest in Ankle Replacement and works with Biomet to improve the current ankle replacement designs. Mr Harris has over 90 original publications and presentations and is the author of a textbook on clinical examination.

Foot Conditions

Is bunion surgery painful?

Historically bunion surgery was painful. With modern surgical and anaesthetic techniques very few patients experience significant pain these days. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic with the combination of a nerve block around the ankle. This provides excellent post-operative pain relief in at least 9 out 10 cases.

How long am I in Hospital?

In the vast majority of cases the surgery is performed as a day case – meaning you are admitted on the morning the operation and discharged later the same day after surgery.

How long will I be off work following bunion surgery?

Most patients require at least 6 weeks off work as you are required to heel walk in a special post-operative shoe for this period. It is possible to perform desk type work during this period though.

How long before I can drive after bunion surgery?

Again it is usually 6 weeks before you can drive safely whilst the osteotomies heal.

If I have a fusion operation will I be able to walk normally?

Yes. Provided the toe is fused in the correct position you will be able to walk normally. In fact many patients return to sports after a toe fusion and several patients have completed half marathons.

Will I be able to wear normal shoes after bunion surgery?

Yes. You should be able to wear normal shoes following bunion surgery. It may takes a few months for the swelling to subside though and during this period you may have to wear relaxed shoes that might be a size bigger.

Will I be able to wear high heels after a fusion?

Yes. However there will be some restriction in the height of the heels.

Ankle Conditions

Am I suitable for an ankle replacement?

To find out if you are suitable for a replacement you need to be seen by an orthopaedic surgeon with a specialist interest in Foot and Ankle Surgery. Most hospitals now have dedicated orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeons. Alternatively we would be happy to see you in Leeds.

How long am I in Hospital?

You usually remain in hospital for 5-7 days after the operation.

How long does the operation take?

The operation usually takes approximately 2 hours. A movie is available of this surgery.

What is the post-operative rehabilitation?

All patients are immobilised in plaster for the first two weeks post-operatively.Then depending on the degree of pre-operative deformity patients will either go into a walker boot or alternatively another plaster. At 6 weeks most patients are fully weight bearing. The ankle often remains swollen for a number of months post-operatively but this eventually settles.

Can I see a picture of the replacement?

Yes. Please see Ankle Conditions for more information.

Total Ankle Replacement X-Ray

Severe ankle arthritis treated by a total ankle replacement

What will I be able to do after the ankle replacement?

Most patients are able to walk 3-5 miles comfortably. Many patients resume golf. We do not advise running or high impact sports such as squash.

How long will it be before I can drive?

Patients are able to drive short distances after 6 weeks or so.